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Revive Sports Recovery

Manual Therapy With A Purpose

If you’ve spent any time in sports circles, you’ve probably heard of sports massage. Manual therapy continues to grow in prominence as scientific research catches up with what most coaches, trainers, and athletes have known for years: it helps. Every year, more pro teams make investments in massage therapists, often keeping them on their payrolls indefinitely. So what is sports massage exactly? And what sets it apart from a spa treatment?

To put things simply, sports massage is manual therapy designed specifically to help active people meet their goals—whether those goals consist of enhancing their performance or recovering from an injury. Unlike a spa or relaxation treatment, in which the therapist may use a routine to cover the entire body, sports therapists work in a more specific manner to address a particular problem or to work toward a particular goal, using whatever tools necessary to achieve those ends.

At Revive Sports Recovery, we use the best resources to provide revitalizing recovery treatments suited to your specific needs. We offer the coldest Cryotherapy in Nashville using Impact Cryo machines and follow up with NormaTec Compression to ensure that we provide a safe, effective session to help keep your body performing at its' peak. Our team of experts is also trained in sports massage & stretch therapy to offer a well-rounded recovery. Come see us in our main location to take advantage of all of our services or find us at Nashville Training Camp and Chadwicks Fitness for Cryotherapy. We're proud to serve 12 South, Music Row, Green Hills, and all of Nashville by helping our dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts continue doing what they love.

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Your body endures a great deal of stress from repeated activity, and sports massage helps combat the demands of regular physical training. We use sports massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy to make sure the machine stays tuned up, to encourage elasticity in chronically tight tissues, and to prevent injuries from happening.



We've witnessed how important massage can be in injury recovery. It reduces swelling, helps ease restrictions and scar tissue in acute cases, increases tissue permeability and elasticity, and encourages oxygen-rich blood flow into areas that need it, which promotes healing. Our goal is to get you back in your arena more quickly.



Before an event, our treatment is designed to prepare the tissue for activity. We want to warm it up, to help it react. Usually done the same day as the event, this work consists of faster, lighter, and shorter work. Among other benefits, it has been shown to help athletes monitor muscle tone and achieve enhanced performance.



We suggest a post-event massage usually happens within a few hours after activity. This work aims to help tissues recover from the stress of activity. You can call this kind of treatment a “flush,” in which longer, smoother strokes help stimulate circulation, shortening recovery times and decreasing the severity of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy near Nashville


Massage Therapy near Nashville

NormaTec Compression

Massage Therapy near Nashville

Massage Therapy near Nashville

"I had lower back surgery two years ago. I see Steven at least once or twice a month for stretching and mobility work (hamstrings, hips, low back). I attribute Steve's stretching techniques to vast improvements in my range of motion and mobility as well as decreases in pain. He is extremely .... Read more

Tom Peagler

Massage Therapy near Nashville

"I met Steven and have been using his services at Revive for over a year now. I am a local personal trainer here in Nashville and once I discovered what Revive can do for my body I started and still do promote and refer my clients to use their services. Revive has changed the way I recover and .... Read more

Vanessa Edwards

Massage Therapy near Nashville

"As an endurance runner, massage is a big part of training and recovery for me. I have had countless relaxation and sports massages during my time as a runner, but I have never ever had a sports massage as therapeutic and effective as those I have gotten from Molly. Since my first massage with .... Read more

Bryan Russell

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