NormaTec Compression in Nashville

Finish Off Your Recovery Session With NormaTec Compression To Promote Blood Flow

The best way to follow up one of our Cryotherapy sessions is to use purposeful compression. At Revive Sports Recovery, we use NormaTec Compression Boots to provide localized compression to your body to help push out metabolic waste and increase blood flow. Combining our Cryotherapy with NormaTec Compression is how we serve the athletes of Nashville with the most comprehensive sports recovery techniques. 

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Ischemic Compression Promotes Recovery

Alongside rest and elevation, compression has been the perfect companion for cold therapies for ages. We use NormaTec Compression boots & sleeves because of their proven quality. NormaTec pioneered rapid recovery with their dynamic boots and sleeves. They use a patented pattern to massage your limbs using separate air chambers to assist in mobilizing fluid and speeding up recovery.

The great thing about NormaTec Compression is that it employs pulsing, distal release, and gradients to maximize your recovery. Pulsing is used to mimic the muscle pump of the legs and arms which enhances the movement of excess fluid and metabolites out of your limbs where they can work through your body more efficiently. Distal release means that there will never be a constant pressure that lasts long enough to create a backflow -- each portion of the limb gains the perfect amount of rest time without a large pause between cycles. Lastly, gradients imitate the way that veins and lymphatic vessels encourage fluids to flow in the right direction. 

Revive Sports Recovery Offers The Most Thorough Recovery You Can Find

By finishing up your Cryotherapy treatment with Compression using NormaTec Compression boots & sleeves, we guarantee that your recovery times will be shorter and more effective. Our team at Revive Sports Recovery is dedicated to serving the hardworking athletes of Nashville with the best, so come see us today to get the full treatment.

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